Brief and simple:

LONG COIN - Cryptocurrency and Social Blockchain Network

We have added the ability to send a string of 256 characters to blockchain transactions. That is, through the blockchain, you can send / receive messages (a kind of twitter) and build more complex structures such as blockchain stores, social networks, lotteries, games, etc.

About privacy:

All messages are also encrypted and the developer has no keys. You encrypt with your private key and the recipient's public key, which is its address. Where is the best place to hide a needle? In a haystack? No. Best in a stack of other needles. The entire blockchain is flooded with messages and it is not possible to track and decipher yours. (Encryption algorithm - ecdh and aes cbc)


Coin name: LONG COIN
Coin Ticker: LONG
Hash Algorithm: SHA-256
Message encryption algorithm: ecdh and aes cbc
Coin Type: POW
Block time: 2 minutes
Premine: 0
Confirmation period: 30 blocks
Block Reward: 10,000
Fixed commission: 1 LONG / KB
- SMS — 1 LONG
- Standard financial transactions - 1 LONG
- Limit on the volume of data transactions - 64kB (max commission 64 LONG)
Multicast transactions with simultaneous transmission of coins and messages


Windows version 0.7d (binaries 64bit)
Linux version 0.7d (Ubuntu 14.04 based 64bit)
Linux version 0.7d (Ubuntu 16.04 based 64bit)
Linux version 0.7d (Ubuntu 18.04 based 64bit)
GitHub Full Sources (with cross build tools)
Build from sources Tutorial (very simple)
Posting in LONG NETWORK Tutorial

To install the wallet, it is enough to unzip the archive into the longcoinX.XX-win directory, run longcoin-qt.exe in this directory and wait for the synchronization to complete. To update the old version of the wallet, just transfer the entire data directory of the old version to the longcoinX.XX-win directory and run longcoin-qt.exe. Or vice versa - update all binary files (* .exe) of the old version from the new directory. Attention! The main wallet file is “wallet.dat”, usually located in the data directory. There are your private keys, allowing you to restore your coins and messages anytime, anywhere on any version of the software! The most reliable way to backup your wallet is through the client’s menu, choosing the path to save and entering the wallet’s backup copy name “wallet.dat”. In the future, you can always import it again, again - through the client menu longcoin-qt.exe.


What is done:

Added a line of 256 characters to the transaction.
A "Wall" has been created where anyone can post.
Added the ability to create your own private chats.

To do:

Creating filters for content on the wall.
Creating a public Long Tweet - an analogue of Twitter on the blockchain, with the ability registration of nicknames.
Creation of a simple interface so that all operations in LONG can be done in 1-2 clicks.
At this stage, it is planned to distribute LONG among people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency, and who believe that it is difficult.
Entering the Chinese market.
Creation of the first stores on the LONG blockchain.

Support Project

Bitcoin (BTC): 1NbmV7xzXWvnPkYDfx4Vh7hk3LW5237RKR

Litecoin (LTC): LR1rNDCgKz5wwWsbyazJ4cddCae8D158B7

Longcoin (LNG): 162tLYabHPCcqQHgpZ3c89nkMPhZhCkCvR

Test lottery

while the lottery is being tested, you can try your luck in Dice Game

. Fair lottery on the LONG blockchain.

We propose to test the transparent lottery based on the LONG blockchain, in order to check the honesty of which you do not need to be a specialist.
You just have to guess the last hash digits of any 10K block.

For example, the hash of block 320,000 was 00000000000003334ec385f285ec04ebfddfdcb611f6959c9d1bca467453a433

Thus, the winning combination is 3 a 4 3 3
And if you matched all 5 out of 5 numbers in this order, you would win the jackpot.
For example, a ticket with a prediction abc33 guessed 2 numbers out of 5.
And ticket 1a43f guessed 3 numbers out of 5.

To participate in the lottery, simply send 100 LONG to 1BoJNSyhNPH79Av4e4GrhkzPV4ppPJFd55
up to 339,990 blocks and a message consisting of 5 numbers or letters a, b, c, d, e or f.
The last 5 digits of block 330,000 hash would be a winning combination. The winnings will be paid to the wallet from which the forecast came.

Pay table.
guessed 2 numbers out of 5 - win x2
3 numbers out of 5 guessed - win x1000
guessed 4 numbers out of 5 - win x10000
guessed 5 out of 5 numbers - Jackpot Win!

The entire balance of the lottery wallet is the jackpot. Except for 2%, which goes to the development of LONG.
You can check the balance of the lottery wallet in the explorer at any time.