LONG NETWORK Core — A cryptographic messenger (future marketplace platform) on an open source blockchain, written on the basis of  bitcoin-core-0.12.1

Coin name: LONG COIN
Coin Ticker: LONG
Hash Algorithm: SHA-256
Message Encryption Algorithm: ecdh and aes cbc
Coin Type: POW
Block time: 2 minutes
Premine: 0
Block reward: 10,000
Minimum transaction: 1 LONG
Fixed commission: 1 LONG



LONG NETWORK works on the principle of encrypting all source messages. The main difference from traditional crypto messengers Telegram type is that all messages are encrypted and Longchain are automatically copied to all members of the network. Thus, even the sender cannot determine that it is the computer «read» message! At the same time, it can «read» the only addressee is the owner of the corresponding private key.
The system uses the address like 1Q6HU5fWZNjqDsZcNNDx9kXRFX3vsYMWPa, similar to the Bitcoin network addresses that can be created by the user locally in virtually unlimited quantities.

Download the archive, unzip it into the new folder and run «start» file. After the entire LONG chain is loaded, the wallet will open. A small tick appears in the lower right corner.

As soon as your computer calculates (mine) a block of a LONG chain, you will receive 10,000 LONG on your wallet.

* To confirm new block, 61 blocks in the LONG chain have to pass (avg. 1 block / 2 minutes).

Now you can send private messages, write to an open community, to closed chats (the cost of message is 1 LONG), create trading platforms or simply transfer your LONG and other recipients.

To send a message, on the “Send” tab in the “Data” item, type a message in the “Text” field.

Click on the address book and select the recipient. The red color shows the address of the main open community (wall).

* !!! No one will ever be able to either erase or edit the written messages.

As the sender address you can specify the main «Default» or create a new one.

Confirm the sending.

The whole chain of events in the LONG chain is shown on the “Transactions” tab. Using filters you can find events that interest you.

You can view detailed information for each transaction.

You can reply to the message.

The main address of your LONG-wallet: Send > Data > The address book > default > Copy Adress

Create a new address: Receive > Request payment > Copy Adress or QR-code

You can edit the label.

Development directions:
1. Global marketplace with the possibility of unlimited segmentation: local (private) markets
2. Peer-to-peer social network without moderator
3. Crypto-messenger without the ability to track recipients
4. Internal automatic exchanger / crypto-exchange with the possibility of self-adding coins
5. Organization of accounting system for cryptocurrency of any architecture